Small Business Tools

As a lifestyle brand, I'm trying to equip you with everything you may or may not need to start your own side ting, whether that's a YouTube channel, a blog, a podcast, an e-commerce store, ya kicks, jeans, hats, it don't matter. These are my favorite items for each category:
Best Camera for Videos/Vlogging
Best Lens for Camera
Best On-Camera (shotgun) Mic
Best Budget Mic for Podcasting/Video
Best High-Quality Mic for Podcasting/Video
Best Audio Interface (for multi-person podcasting)
Best Accessory for Microphone (pop filter)
Best Tripod
Best Lighting for Videos
Best Laptop for Editing/Research
Best Accessory for Streaming (Gaming/Via Camera)
Best Accessory for Laptop
Best External Hard Drive
Best Podcast Hosting Website
Best E-Commerce Hosting Website
Best Blog Hosting Website
Best Email Marketing Software
Best iPhone Accessory for Filming
Best Webcam