What is BDGE? -- in 723 Gorgeous Words.

Literally, BDGE stands for Big Dogs Gotta Eat. I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Where it came from is even more ridiculous tbh.

Back in my college days, we had what you call "Senior Week". Right before you graduate, you pretty much set up an entire week of partying -- drinking, doing pots, sexy time -- and whatever else inappropriate college students do that I would NEVA take part in.

Long story longer, one of those days had in store a giant beer olympics tournament.

84 teams participated.

One team walked away out victorious. Probably crawled away if I remember correctly. Which I don't.

But I don't gotta sit here and tell you who's team that was... IT WAS YA MANS.

Rewind tho. We're in the semifinals, and the last game of each round is the boat race. Everyone on your team lines up in order and it's literally a relay race of chugging beer. Since I was an alcoholic byke in college, I was the anchor on my team for the boat race AKA the Mariano Rivera of sucking liquid outta solo cups. I'd slide 12oz of gorgeous Keystone Light down my face hole, slam my cup down, take the DUB and we'd start barking and yelling "BIG DOGS GOTTA EAT". It was a beautiful ting.

And that's where the name comes from. But what it actually means is something else. It speaks to "big dogs" in relation to people who want more. Out of life, out of everything. Who are willing to step outside the boundaries that they're told they have to stay inside of. The people willing to do so... will eat. I'm here to make sure of it. It's also a way of showing you that you don't have to get there by being typical. The name represents my lifestyle. Having fun, enjoying yourself, but still being able to accomplish your goals and chase after life. You can be ratchet, and then be spiritual. There's no wrong way to eat a Reeses.

I hate to sound cliché, but BDGE is a brand. Hhhhann? We're a content-based brand. We push out a variety of content on a variety of platforms (find all our social media below) hoping to serve and help as many people as we can, on a VARIETY of subjex.

I, Nick Ercolano, the creator/founder of BDGE started this ting off a few years back because I thought I was all that when it came to fantasy football. Turns out I'm not. But I still like it. And I really like helping you guys out with it. I started an awful blog, but quickly realized everyone & their motha has a blog, there's little chance to make some chattta in the industry. So, I switched over to video-based content, where I felt more comfortable and came off wayyyyyy stronger when it comes to providing value. Simply put, I'm stupidly comfortable speaking to a camera lens.. and I'm terrible at writing.

My YouTube channel is where you'll find most of my content -- much of it is fantasy football related, getting you ready for your draft throughout the summer, helping with sit/start and waiver wire Q's throughout the szn and hopefully helping you bring home your league's chip in December. 

But, I'm also a person.  I like to put out content about my interests outside of fake football. This includes social media marketing, which is my profession. I left my full-time job at a big marketing agency in NYC in April 2017 to freelance/have my own gig, and I now run Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns for online businesses.

I also love all of the outs. Working out, eating out, going out (and drinking excessive amounts of tequila). You'll see all of that on my weekly Vlogs. I publish them every Saturday (around noon EST) on my YouTube channel -- where I try to intertwine all of my many and random passions -- marketing, fitness, nutrition, fashion/style, friends, tech, books, MONSTER energy drinks only the sugar free white ones tho stop playin, and a bunch of other random tings that get my heart and brain juices flowing. 

So that's a bit about BDGE and myself. What about you? Hit me back with an email if you're interested in any of the stuff I mentioned above and we can chat!!!