Week 15 Waiver Wire Pickups | 2019 Fantasy Basketball

by Nick Ercolano January 21, 2019

Week 15 Waiver Wire Pickups | 2019 Fantasy Basketball

We'll discuss how last week's player pickup suggestions went/how accurate I was in predicting players to average over 23 FPTS/game. We will then go through the analysis and conclusions for this weeks additional 3 players to pick up as the bottom rotation players; again, we enforce the rule that these players must be owned in 60% or less of leagues (according to yahoo sports fantasy basketball).

What do with players from previous (week 14):

9/10 pending today’s game (90%)

Marvin Williams (owned in 59% of leagues)

Hornets playing 2 games this week.

23.5, 28, 21.8 (avg 24.3)… pending today’s performance (Sunday)

26 min avg

Nothing to suggest fade in performance, but 2 games is lower end. If you have someone worse than him to have as your squad rotation drop, keep him. else drop


Al-Farouq Aminu (owned in 61% of leagues)

27.3, 35.5, 24.5, 31 (AVG 29.5 FPTS)

30 min avg

Long term hold. Playing well. Shooting % variance (28.6, 37.5, 85.7, 33.3) but gets rebounds, on field for a lot of minutes so inevitably well get assists and steals (0 blocks though…) Blazers playing 4 games


Kelly Oubre Jr. (63% ownership)

Completely wrong about Booker being out… he played every game

Oubre still produced though

26.3, 24.5, 32.8 (27 AVG)

Uptick in minutes recently 24-> 29->30

Suns have another 4 games

If you have someone worse, keep him again for this week… could be a longer term hold because of increasing team relevance


New 3:


PJ Tucker (45% of leagues)

4 Games this week (against 3 top 5 defenses which isn’t so great, but there’s still always scoring) and they have to commit a ton of attention to Harden

Consistently over 35 Min/game

AVG > 27 FPTS last 6 games

>2 steals/game over last 5 (high FPTS stat)

>6 reb/game over last 5

Doesn’t have that many assists but the opportunity is always there because of Harden



Danny Green (53% owned)

4 games (middle rank kings D, pacers number 2, 26th Houston, middle mavericks). Kings/Pacers i back to back and raptors usually sit Leonard one at least one of those games so Green could get even more minutes… grain of salt though cause coach (Nick Nurse) said he should be good for back to backs and he was sat out for both this week.

Averaging 24 minutes over last 5 (with the average down because  22 mins  due to blow out against grizzlies)

Shooting 48% over past 5 games, above 46% league averages

8/12 on 3s last game… kings score a lot, so does Houston… meanwhile pacers are just below them in the west so the game script is there for Green to be shooting a lot

5 reb/game last 5

Started every game



Jae Crowder (36% owned)

4 games (middle trailblazers, middle good nuggets, middle bad timberwolves twice)

Averaging over 25 minutes over last 5, including a blow out win against cleveland where he only played 21 minutes

A stretch to get above the 23 FPTS, as he’s done it only once in the last 6 (actually had a game with 3.3 when he shot 0% from the field)

That’s what we are dealing with towards the bottom of the pile

But still, 4 games, solid playing time, up tick recently in scoring (17 points over last 2)

But if other two aren’t available and you need someone take a chance)


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