Week 7 Recap + Week 8 WW

Week 7 Recap + Week 8 WW

Injuries (more injuries from rbs, drink)

Mixon/Aaron Jones

Chris Carson (foot)

  • left SNF, didn't return
  • mid-foot sprain (not considered serious), will get MRI today.
  • After Chris Carson left last night's game, Carlos Hyde carried 12 times and saw 3 targets. The #Seahawks' other RBs combined for 3 carries and 2 targets.
  • About the same injury to Joe Mixon, who is now week-to-week. Can be mild, moderate, severe. The moderate/severe cases of this are known as lisfranc, Cam, Hollywood, etc.
  • They already had their bye week, Dr. morse expects this to be two weeks, probably minimum that he misses.

Kenyan Drake (Ankle)

  • Xrays neg, so no fracture, but most likely high ankle sprain but could be low. But based on him getting carted and the pain he was in, id guess the latter.
  • Chase Edmonds, obvious league-winner, here. You're blowing 100% of FAAB on this, I mean this without a hint of humor, if you're league allows the trading of FAAB for players, trade for FAAB and get Edmonds.
  • I just made a move in the NYC dynasty league. Half the teams are tanking and it's wildly corny, but I'm one of the teams competing and the pot dont change no matter who's tanking/competing. I moved my 1st next year for Chase Edmonds and a late 2nd. Gotta risk it for the limp bizkit.


    OBJ (torn ACL)

    • Jarvis Landry (still hurt)
    • Hunt ^^
    • Austin Hooper (In the three games before Hooper missed this one, he had a 26% target share in this offense, he was starting to heat up a lil bit.
    • Harrison Bryant 5-4-56-2. Out-snapped Njoku 40-31, ran 17-12 in routes, so not separating himself entirely, but he looks to be the TE2 here, and that's impressive as a rookie.
    • This team was already running plays with multiple TEs on the field at almost a near 50% clip, one of the highest rates in the leagues, so with OBJ out, they'll continue that trend. Now, Hooper has an appendectomy, I've already seen reports that he's probably out for Week 8, too.
    • Higgins is like so many dudes in fantasy, where he has a big game only to disappear, and it happens literally every year for like the last five years. Higgins, like David Moore, Keelan Cole, Marquez Valdez Scantling, Zach Pascal there are always these guys, who have a big game and people buy in on them knowing damn well they're not gonna hit two games in a row lol.
    • Higgins had the big game yesterday, 6-6-110, but do you really have confidence in him? Maybe, I think he's definitely worth a stash - if you're the OBJ owner their schedule over the next month: LV, HOU, PHI, JAX, TEN, they get BAL, then its NYG, NYJ in the fantasy playoffs. Higgins led the team in routes, ahead of Landry, he's obv still ailing from the hip and ribs, I think it's possible, take this lightly, Landry could be a bye-low. They play LV next week and then they get their bye, which Landry desperately needs. then they get the schedule I said, if he can get byke to like 90% Landry without OBJ and have that schedule he could do some things here over the 2H of the year.
    • Donovan Peoples-Jones did a little thing yesterday too, he was a polarizing player coming out of Michigan - people loved the athleticism, but not great on the field outside of flashes really - i guess you can pick him up in deeper leagues.
    • The problem with investing in this passing offense, first off anything we're excited about right now needs to be simmered down, bc it was the bengals, but in a game where the Browns scored 37 points, Mayfield threw 5 TDs, he threw the ball 28 times. He's averaging, 28 passes/game, that's 28th in the NFL, only thrown more than 30 passes in two games this year.
    • So, they're not going to lose their WR1 and then say, yeah time to throw the ball more.

      Phillip Lindsay (Concussion)

      • Probably be byke, looked fantastic. So it's likely a full-blown RBBC in Denver if Lindsay is food for Week 8.
      • It's his first documented conco as a pro, so probably his third. But I'd say 50/50

      Andy Dalton

      • ded
      • Ben DiNucci straight out the garden
      • He's in conco protocol, we'll see. DiNucci def not startable, it's a MASSIVE downgrade for everyone on offense. This will probably be like, remember the Jets last year when Darnold was out and they were running out like dudes I don't even know their names anymore. This kid from JMU, their o-line is kind of in shambles. 
      • Philly D/ST needs to be picked up no matter who is under center.
      • Neither Lamb or Gallup caught a pass yesterday. Zeke would be strictly a volume based like barely RB1. Cooper still the alpha, did fine yesterday but I wouldn't expect another 7-80 game from him.


      Devonta Freeman (ankle)

      • This was always the problem with Freeman when he got in his later years. He runs so hard and then he dies. He's Derrick Henry, minus 40 pounds which equals death.
      • Wayne Gallman actually looked fantastic running against Philly on TNF.
      • Wayne Gallman handled 15 touches on 32 snaps (53%) over Dion Lewis (3, 25%) in place of Devonta Freeman (ankle) last night. Freeman with 11 days to heal before Giants kick-off again.
      • But that's key, so keep an eye on reports.


      Jeff Wilson - Ankle

      • Massive game, then ded.
      • High ankle sprain - that's like the 7th for this offense.
      • Probably out 3-5 weeks.
      • Tevin Coleman coming byke from injury... idk.
      • Jamycal Hasty looked good and ran as the 2 here, BUT Shanahan came out and said 
      • Idk, seems fucking weird. You're just gonna rest him in a huge matchup? If that's true, this really means Shanahan does not believe RBs matter one bit, and looking at his history, might actually be 100% true.
      • At this point, I mean we're looking at three games in a row now that Hasty has out-touched McKinnon.

      Deebo Samuel - Hamstring

      • Probably a week or two, could be up to a month depending on severity, but that stinks - Aiyuk is definitely someone that needs to be owned everywhere again.




        - Fournette 25 routes, Rojo never hit 25 in a game this year. Arians says he's the passing-down back. This felt like it was the direction things were trending pre-ankle injury and now it's here. It wasn't garbage either, 10 in the first half, and Rojo another drop. His time as a locked in RB2 is probably over. I would rather own Fournette than Jones ROS.



        Marquez Callaway, good call PP - (good for PP ad plug)


        Denzel Mims - Debut

        • Perriman is in the concussion protocol, everyone is in some type of protocol I believe it's just known as the Gase protocol
        • Crowder didn't play either who typically takes a ton of targets, but Mims, it was his first game of the year, caught 4-of-7 targets for 42 yards.
        • 7 of 23 passes is a nice 30.4% target share. 
        • Almost everything came in the first half, not sure if it was because Perriman got conced then Tre White covered Mims, I'll have to dive in a bit


        Welcome Byke

        Gronk byke

        • 8-5-78-1
        • 8-5-62-1
        • Say it with me!
        • He's a TE1 rest of season.
        • AB might mix things up, but Gronk looks like he's a football player again.

        Fournette byke

        • broke it down in the committee shits

        Diontae Johnson byke

        • 15 damn targets yesterday, good lord. Ben had a season-high 49 passes, JuJu saw 14 targets too, just massive target numbers for both.
        • diontae johnson's target totals in the three games this year that he didn't leave early with an injury: 10, 13, 15
        • The biggest question here was what happens to Chase Claypool when Diontae is on the field - he was the clear WR3 ahead of James Washington which is good to see, but being the type of player he is, you're going to ge these type of performances. Also, they had Malcolm Butler shadowing Claypool mostly which is interesting, maybe their game plan was just keep everything in front and that's what everything Ben threw was, short, LOS type passes to Dj and JUJU.
        • Does this make me feel better about DJ - definitely, looks great. He did leave with an ankle injury but i believe returned to finish the game, so monitor practice reports, hopefully it's not one of those things where it swells up the day after.
        • Do I feel better about JuJu? honestly no not really, he's been terrible this year outside of the week 1.
        • They have a crazy sandwich here, they get the Ravens, which is tough, but the filling here: DAL, CIN, JAX, then BAL again.


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