Week 12 Waiver Wire - Week 11 Recap

Week 12 Waiver Wire - Week 11 Recap

Games on Thanksgiving


  • Joe Burrow (torn ACL)
    • The tweet heard round the fantasy world
    • Now this is late in the season obviously, so while he's expected to be good for Week 1, next year, we'll see. The MRI will happen today, if there's additional damage, there's a possibility that they have to wait to do the ACL surgery, just like with Saquon he didnt have the ACL surgery until about a month after the injury.
    • If that's the case, Week 1 would put Burrow right at 9 months, pretty much the minimum threshold for ACL injury returns.
    • Which can be an issue for a mobile guy like Burrow. Needs to be on the move often considering his offensive line. We've seen QBs coming off of the ACL hesitant to run.
    • Ryan Finley comes in, huge downgrade for everyone
      • We can look byke at last year, Finley filled in for Dalton for Weeks 10, 11 and 12 vs. BAL, LV and PIT.
      • He threw for 2 tds and 2 ints during that span, with passing yardage of 167, 115 and 192.
    • the WRs are all downgraded, Boyd/Higgins flex plays at best.
      • Important to note, AJG wasn't playing and Higgins obviously wasn't there. Boyd had a 23% target share, had a 6-62 against BAL and a 5-101-1 vs. PIT, but a 1-0 game smacked in the middle and that's going to come with the territory of having Finley. Now add target competition.
    • Make gio barely a flex
      • NYG, MIA next. if you have a player going tonight that you don't need in MNF - and NYG is available you can get them right now.
    • Tua?
      • Benched/sat for Fitz.
      • Wasn't playing well 11/20-83-1 (4.2 YPA)
      • But was taken down awkwardly, so maybe it's an injury thing, or maybe they don't think he is a high upside QB at this point. Good game manager and technician, but need ceiling when you're down in the game.
      • It was almost like when the Ravens get down and Lamar can't really lead a passing offense down the field to make up the gap between like 10-14 points.
      • Flores said Tua is starting next week vs the Jets whcih 
    • Julio (hammy)
      • went into tent, was cleared to return but was sitting. 
      • Came in, made a big play then fucked it up again
      • In the two games without Julio this year:
      • Play LV, NO next 2 week - two home games
      • Russell Gage had 12 targets in this one - so if Julio misses time, he's a flex option - Matt Ryan doesn't play well without Julio though, which is a bigger concern.
    • Rex Burkhead (knee)
      • looked bad. probably a torn ACL - dont think much changes. slight upgrade to harris and white, but this passing offense isn't doing shit so white is still unstartable. I'd imagine Sony Michel will be active now, but as a breather back to Harris if he's even active.
    • Lamical Perine
      • possible mid/high ankle sprain
      • usually wouldn't care, but Gore got 17 touches, got in the EZ.
      • They get the Dolphins and Raiders, not teams you necessarily have to be worried about vs. the run.
    • JuJu (twisted ankle)
      • Taped up, came byke in. might swell over week
      • Plays in 4 days, probably not a cause for concern, but just be prepared not to have him
    • AJB (ankle/foot)
      • hard to tell, happened in OT, tough 
      • Jonnu Smith (ankle)
        • limped off under own power, still not good.
        • Firkser the obvious pickup, but we've also been here before.
        • Came byke in tho


      Committee or Titty


      Welcome Byke

      • Calvin Ridley
        • 5-90 on 9 targets
        • possibly no julio?
        • LV, NO
        • Ridley 3 games w/o Julio = 11 targets, 7 receptions and 112 yards.
        • And in 5 career games vs. the Saints he's averaging 20.5 ppr points
      • Terry McLaurin
        • no injury just welcome byke to my tv screen.
      • Michael Thomas?
        • been byke, but really first time he's been byke
        • Basically the Keenan Allen to Taysom Hill's Justin Herbert
        • Saw 11-of-23 targets
      • Jonathan Taylor


      Waiver Adds

      • P. Rivers
        • Has 300+ yards and/or 3+ passing TDs in 4-of-5 games
        • Now gets: TEN, HOU, LV, HOU, all very good QB fantasy matchups.
      • Pick up ^^ Pittman
      • He played on 16 more snaps than the next closest WR, he's the clear WR1 right now in Indy.
      • Giants DEF right now, GB @ home vs. CHI


      Other Notes

      • JK Dobbins taking over?
        • Dobbins had 15 carries to 5 combined between Ingram and Gus
        • He had the only two RB targets.
        • Had all 3 RZ touches, the only GL carry
        • Everything looks good on paper but I'd be lying if I said I was super confident we're going to see the same thing on Thursday when they play IN PITTSBURGH.
        • He's probably a high-end, mid RB2 ROS, but for this matchup I'm going to be ranking him lower bc in his range of outcomes, is 1. just a bad performance bc of matchup but 2. the chance of it just going back to a regular committee.
      • Taysom Hill
        • 18-233 | 10-51-2
          • But yet he was a stupid ass WR on fleaflicker
          • Dumb ass, two-bit corrupt ass no money having platform
        • Target Share
          • MT saw 11-of-23 targets (47.8%)
          • ESanders 5, Latavius 2, Trautman, Harris, Cook, Kamara
        • Alvin Kamara usage
          • Should we be concerned?
          • First career game without a catch
          • Yeah it's a little concerning. He and Latavius had the same number of touches, 13 rushes to 12, but Murray 2 targets to 1.
          • Obviously still a high-end RB1, bc this is literally a one-game sample size and he could catch 7 balls next week and then everyone will calm down again, but stay tuned for tomorrow's video talking ROS rankings riser and fallers to see if we push Kamara byke in the rankings at all (available through Patreon).
      • Carson Wentz, good god
        • Just so bad again
        • Leads NFL in sacks taken, interceptions. cannot convert a 3rd down then a fuckin 3rd and 15 draw.


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