NBA Fantasy Basketball Week 20 Waiver Wire Pickups

by Nick Ercolano February 26, 2019

NBA Fantasy Basketball Week 20 Waiver Wire Pickups

What to do with players from last week:


(3/5 for last week, bringing us to 6/11 overall, 55%)

Bobby Portis (Wizards playing 3games):

(32.3, 23.8,35.8,13) AVG 26.2

A bit weird… Came off the bench in the first three games (yet played starter-caliber minutes; 30 minutes) and then got the starting job over Bryant against the pacers but, despite playing well initially, was second to Bryant who crushed the game (54 FPTS)… Portis played only 17 minutes. Remains to be seen how this progresses forward, but my guess is Portis at the very least plays well enough with enough minutes to warrant keeping on your squad. If he’s not your worst player, definitely hold for a while. 2 games only but most teams are this week


Jeff Green (Wizards playing 3 games):

(9.5,33.8,25.5,4) AVG 18

Averaged 30 minutes a game, but was wildly inconsistent with his shooting (17%, 57, 45, then back to 16) to account for those very small outlier games. Portis is definitely the one to own out of these two. Played only 20 mins in the 4th game against the pacers (best defense in the league). But those 2 single digit FPS turns me off of him


Colin Sexton (Cavs playing 4 games):

(23.3, 33, 14.3, 34) AVG 26.2

Averaged 36 minutes in the 4 games. got majority of points from scoring. Continues to start, play high minutes, and produce sufficient stat lines. No reason to get rid of him unless he is the worst player on your team and potentially rotated out for a new rotation player… but for this week this probably isn’t the case because 3 games is the most any team is playing


Jordan Clarkson (Cavs playing 4 games):

(21.8, 55,22.3,5.3) AVG 26.1

Averaged 30 minutes in the 4 games. As expected, doing the majority of damage from scoring points… FG % dropped to 20% on the outlier low game. Sexton is the guy to keep over clarkson, with more minutes, starting, and a safer floor. Clarkson will still produce magic games (the 55 due to double over time though), but can regress pretty hard. Still though, despite the outlier game Clarkson is normally pretty good week-to-week. All depends on the structure of your team


Mikal Bridges (Suns playing 3 games):

(11.8, 14,18) AVG 11

Saw a slump recently. Lost his starting job to Kelly Oubre Jr. against the Hawks since he was shooting garbage from the field (25, 33, 33, 20) and his confidence seems to have taken a hit. Still playing decent minutes (29-30) but until he can get his shooting back, and reclaim the starting spot he’s expendable. A droppable player for now.




New players for week 19

Kenneth Faried (Owned in 47% of leagues) Houston Rockets, 4 games

Had been a consistently high FPTS scorer for a long time (32 AVG over past 6 games, 30 mins per game, double digit scoring and double digit rebound average) with Clint Cappella being out. Faried might have been dropped to waivers because of the return of Capela which is why he is on this list.

Cappella came back two games ago (on the 21st) but Faried still put up 27 FPTS on the game he came off the bench. Last game against the warriors (where the Rockets somehow still won despite not having James Harden), Faried played alongside Cappella and had 35. Minutes will probably be reduced by around ~1/3rd but he’s still worth a look because of the faith the Rockets have in him and how well he has been playing over the past xyz weeks that Capella had been out.


Marvin Williams (Owned in 54% of leagues), Charlotte Hornets, 4 games

First return guy! (From week 14)

Averaging 25 FPTS over last 5 games, starting PF, low-mid 30s minutes per game (Middle of road GSW, 25th Houston, 21st Nets, middle of road Trail Blazers). Averaging 8 rebounds, and double digit points over last 5 games. Will continue to be the starter. Summary: easy defenses, starting, high minutes, consistent production = pick up


Mitchel Robinson (47% of leagues) (NY Nicks 3 games)

Only 3 games, but putting him in here because he is worth a hold

Doesn’t fit our typical 25+ mins, starter mold of the usual pick up targets, but has managed to produce crazy high number regardless, averaging nearly 30 FPTS per game over last 5. Only plays around 20 minutes a game, but is super efficient with his shooting (68%) and 7.5 rebounds. Obviously Deandre Jordan starts over him, but its possible Jordan sits at least one game this week due to an ankle sprain he picked up in practice on Saturday. Even without him missing any time, though, Robinson has been playing very well and is definitely worth an add and hold.


Nick Ercolano
Nick Ercolano


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